Balkan Beat Box-Bulgarian Chicks
Chromeo-Hot Mess
RonKat (P-Funk)-The One, Sugar Booty
Stellamara-Aman Doktor
Mandjou Kone-Wamian
Mephisto Odyssey Vs Dj F-You Can't Stop It
Native Intelligence-Grace In Stereo
Tall Sasha-Different Skies
Madam Blavatsky Overdrive-West Grand
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Jay Bowman (Michael Franti)-Army of One feat. Radioactive
                         -Everything About You  feat. Tenille Amore
Borrina Mapaka-Come On Now, Gimme The Riddim, &
Everyone Scream
Nicole Doherty-Remixes by Boomrock Saints, Atwater
Syndicate, Shy Intelligence, & Deron Delgado
Luna J- Elevate & Think Back
David Coleman- Down On The Dancefloor
Church Williams- Invisible Signs
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